Did this happen to your company's plan to control and reduce office supply spending?

Mission Critical Supplies has the right equipment and a trained crew to get those numbers back on track!

We’ll be smiling when you get the award!

Mission Critical Supplies is the only local office supplier who delivers a monthly report which documents our customer's savings!

Ever heard this from your rep at The International Conglomerate Office Supply Company?
"Well, uh, I'm not sure. A report which shows actual savings? I'm gonna have to ask someone in our corporate headquarters. They are on Eastern Time. I'll try to get back to you on that. Anything you want to buy right now?"

Wouldn't you rather be hearing this from your Mission Critical Supplies rep every month?

"Good morning! I have good news again! Kara just finished the report of your actual savings from last month and here's what it shows..."

We will be glad to share full details on the following:
* A Lenexa pharmaceutical company who enjoyed a 13% reduction in their FY'11 expenses.
* A major convenience store enterprise who has experienced 6% cost reduction in each of the past 2 years.
* A Kansas City, Kansas fulfillment company who saw 14% savings on their largest office supply consumable.
* A Kansas City, Missouri-based envelope manufacturer who saw the price of an item used in large quantity in each of its U.S. plants go down by 22% by switching to Mission Critical Supplies.

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